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“Family is not an important thing. It’s everything.”



We are an Italian family that are also proudly South African. We wanted our brewery name to have a link to our roots, but also to be true to the fact that our beer is produced locally and in true craft style. The name The Italian Job Brewery came up over a family dinner where we were brainstorming ideas about how to go about making a beer in South Africa that still felt linked to our Italian heritage, something we are very proud of. The Italian Job Brewery is a play on words. It is a comment on the fact that this is a beer produced by an Italian family for South Africans. Hence, the Italian Job. We realise that some might immediately think about the movie reference to The Italian Job. This is not our intention but if we had to choose we most definitely prefer the original film with Michael Caine, and it doesn’t hurt that the film takes place in our family’s hometown of Torino. So perhaps that is just a random fun fact, and a way to get people talking.

Our range of beers is called Le Grande Cinque. This means ‘the big five’ in Italian, and is a playful reference to the Big 5 in South Africa (we all know what they are, right?), but instead we chose our five words to live by. Our family believes in hard work and relationships, but we also believe in fun. The idea of the five words to live by, is a great story to share amongst family and friends, and to perhaps even get a bit philosophical about life while enjoying our beers.

Meet Sven, our Master Brewer

Sven started learning the brewing trade in 2008 as an apprentice under Wolfgang Koedel at Paulaner Brauhaus and Restaurant. In his late teens, it meant very early mornings (brewing started at 3am) which instilled a strong work ethic in him from very beginning of his career. All the hard work and heavy lifting (a pack of malt weighs 50kg and one keg weights 65kg), paid off when it resulted in being able to share the beer that he brewed with friends or saw customers enjoying it too. Sven’s passion and precision for his craft has grown him into the respected Master Brewer that he is today. He left Paulaner with Wolfgang Koedel in 2011 when they launched CBC (Cape Brewing Company). It was here that he furthered his experience and his skill, and he was instrumental in getting the brand to where it is today. Sven was involved in installing CBC’s brewery with the technicians, as well as for the product development with the beers. The Viglietti’s were lucky enough to bring this driven and talented German into their family in 2015, when he joined as Master Brewer at The Italian Job Brewery. We are so excited to share the result with all of you. Salute! Prost!


1 FORZA { strength } is an IPA

2 FAMIGLIA { family } is a Pilsner

3 AMICIZIA { friendship } is a Weiss

4 AMORE { love } is an Amber Ale

5 GIOIA { joy } is a dark lager

Each beer has its own personality and
there is a camaraderie between them.
Let’s meet them...

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Le Grande Cinque: FORZA

BUONASERA! You will come to know me as IPA, the intellectual type. I’m the dark horse in the room and, unlike my sister Amber, I have staying power. Forget full-bodied, I’m full-flavoured and it’s life that I chase after. Self-made, I win hearts across the globe and of course, I naturally attract the connoisseur. Salute!

1 FORZA { strength } is an IPA


INGREDIENTS: hops, yeast, water and malt.

ipa tasting notes

crisp, with a fruity nose. a subtle bitterness with a hint of peach.

to taste: fruity, subtle bit terness.

on the nose: peach.

Le Grande Cinque: FAMIGLIA

Howzit, I’m Pilsner, the cool one. Unlike my friend Weiss I’m the family man that many admire. Good looking, fun to be with and the go-to guy among mates. My credo: you don’t need to be blood to be family. Served chilled you can always rely on me.

2 FAMIGLIA { family } is a Pilsner

ALC/VOL: 4.7%

INGREDIENTS: hops, yeast, water and malt.

pilsner tasting notes

crisp, clean and balanced . smooth transition from sweet to bitter.

to taste: honey, cloves

on the nose: malty, biscuit.

Le Grande Cinque: AMICIZA

GUTEN ABEND I am Weiss: international man of mystery, well-travelled and versed. I have a complexity to me. Women call me the silver fox and are drawn to my unfiltered ways. One thing’s for sure if you have a German friend like me it’s for life. PROST!

3 AMICIZIA { friendship } is a Weiss

ALC/VOL: 5.4%

INGREDIENTS: hops, yeast, water and malt.

weiss tasting notes

light, full-bodied, well-balanced, creamy with good head retention.

to taste: peach, apricot

on the nose: banana, cloves

Le Grande Cinque: amore

CIAO! I’m Amber Ale, nice to meet you. I’m the red-head of the family and the most gorgeous of the lot. Unlike my cousin Pilsner, I’m a little more straight forward. Some may call me hot-headed, but honestly, it’s passion that drives me. Just like the setting sun I will quench any soul at the end of the day.

4 AMORE { love } is an Amber Ale

ALC/VOL: 5.8%

INGREDIENTS: hops, yeast, water and malt.

amber ale tasting notes

sweet lingering bit ter body. bread and biscuit medium, soft finish.

to taste:smoky caramel, hint of coffee

on the nose: caramel, sweet grain

Le Grande Cinque: gioia

GUTEN TAG! I’m Dark Lager and the pleasure is all mine. Being Amber’s playful little sister, there’s always reason to celebrate. With my brunette bangs, many envy the way I ignite a party. But as the socialite I’m bound to stand out. And just like the rising sun I will transform any get together. Soak up the full-flavoured fun. TSCHÜSS.

5 GIOIA { joy } is a dark lager

ALC/VOL: 5.4%

INGREDIENTS: hops, yeast, water and malt.

dark lager tasting notes

very nice malty sweetness from the munich malt. very lit tle bit terness in order to bring out the flavour from the malt

to taste: caramel and nuts

on the nose: chestnuts, chocolate and caramel

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